Intelligent 7" Touch Screen For Car Dash Camera SC7

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Known Brand Barechip

Cutting edge technology to integrate mirror dash cam, navigation and Carplay / Andriod Auto casting in to one module. To achieve a intelligent device for Car

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Mature Dash Cam Technology

Enhance drivers safety, furthermore increase the driving experience and convenience. Rearview mirror, is also a car stereo, a backup camera, a dash cam for cars.

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Apps Complitable

All the Apps support Carplay and Andriod Auto, are supported to cast to the rearview mirror dash cam. Like Map, social media, bluetooth music.

dash cam for car front and rear
wireless backup camera
dash cam with Bluetooth

New Arrival Intelligent Touch Screen For Car Dash Cam


Conroller4-Core A7 1.5G, 2T
2-Core A7 1.5G, 1.2T
Screen Resolution1024 x 600
Recording Specification 2K+1080P
Video EncodingH265
Parking MinitorACC Supported
Real-time RecordingACC Supported
TF Card64GB to 256GB
AppRoad Cam/ Viidure
Audio OutputBluetooth/Aux/FM/Horn
Phone ConnectionCarplay/Android Auto/Airplay/Miracast
Smooth Operating
Operating Interface Customized
Power SupportCar charging/ACC

New Generation of Dash Cam Stereo - Smooth Connection and Quick Response


Enhance Your Audio Experience with Us

car dash camera
car navigation

Connect your phone to your car with ease of Apple  Carplay/Android Auto casting, the touch screen of the car dash cam provides real-time information on road conditions to plan the best route to your destination

AI Voice controlled by Siri or OK Google,  hand-free and convenient to use while BT connect to the phone

smart touch screen dash camera
Parking assist, backup camera

Say goodbye to parking headaches!

Parking assistance systems improve driver safety, save time, and reduce stress by allowing drivers to easily park in tight spaces.

Gravity Sensing When it detects a collision, both cameras record 30 seconds of video each before automatically turning off

emergency lock dash cam in car

How to hide dash cam wires?

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Dash cameras typically do not work when the car is completely turned off. However, there are some models that have a parking mode feature, which allows them to keep recording even when the car is not running. Parking mode is usually activated when the camera detects movement or a sudden impact, and it is designed to provide surveillance and protection for the vehicle while it is stationary. 

These cameras are usually connected to the car’s electrical system or may have a separate power source to ensure they can function even when the engine is off. However, it is important to note that excessive use of parking mode can drain the car’s battery, so it is recommended to have a professional installation to ensure a proper power supply.

The Srixtek ST7C, a car recorder, is a very useful device for capturing footage while driving, providing an extra layer of road safety. However, not all dash cams can record while parked. Dash cams that can record while parked are often referred to as “parking mode” dash cams, and are specifically designed to capture any events or activities that occur while the vehicle is parked or unattended. 

These dash cams typically utilize motion detectors or G-sensors to initiate recording when any movement or impact is detected near the vehicle. Utilizing this feature, Parking Mode Dash Cameras can provide vital evidence in hit-and-run, vandalism, or theft cases, ensuring that cars will not go unnoticed even when parked on the side of the road.

The best in-dash camera is the one that combines exceptional video quality, user-friendly interface, reliable functionality, and versatile features. A top-notch in-dash camera captures crystal-clear footage in high definition, ensuring optimal visibility both during daylight and in low-light conditions. 

It also offers easy installation, intuitive controls, and seamless integration with other devices. Moreover, the best in-dash cameras have built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and parking mode, providing comprehensive security while on the road. 

In recent years, as a compact device that captures key moments of driving, car recorders are usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield, recording the driver’s journey with high-definition video and audio quality, as well as multimedia music playback, and the most attractive feature is the support for Apple car play and Android auto, which allows you to operate any application on your cell phone through the voice function that is rendered on the touch screen of the dashboard of the car. 

On the touch screen, they not only act as a reliable witness in the event of an accident or traffic violation, but also as a preventive measure, while the front and rear camera feeds can be displayed on separate screens during driving, avoiding potential risks and ensuring a greater sense of safety on the road.

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