Valuable Wireless Backup Camera

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Known Brand Barechip

Cutting edge technology to integrate mirror dash cam, navigation and Carplay / Andriod Auto casting in to one module. To achieve a intelligent device for Car

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Mature Dash Cam Technology

Enhance drivers safety, furthermore increase the driving experience and convenience. Rearview mirror, is also a car stereo, a backup camera, a dash cam for cars.

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Apps Complitable

All the Apps support Carplay and Andriod Auto, are supported to cast to the rearview mirror dash cam. Like Map, social media, bluetooth music.

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Touch Screen Car Stereo
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New Arrival valuable wireless backup camera

Conroller2-Core A7 1.5G, 1.2T
Screen Resolution1600*600
Video EncodingH265
Parking MinitorACC Supported
Real-time RecordingACC Supported
TF Card64GB to 256GB
AppRoad Cam/ Viidure
Audio OutputBluetooth/Aux/FM/Horn
Phone ConnectionCarplay/Android Auto/Airplay/Miracast
Smooth Operating
Operating Interface Customized
Power SupportCar charging/ACC

The Must-Have Accessory for Every Car Owner


Discover the power of multi-audio playback

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carplay android

Upgrade your car’s infotainment system now! Via Carplay/Android Auto Casting, drivers can use different kinds of Navigation Apps.

The voice assistant provides convenient control of navigation playing music, answering calls and other commands.

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Parking assist, backup camera

Get Clear and Crisp Rear View Vision with wireless backup camera

Gravity sensing When a collision is detected, each of the two cameras records 30 seconds of video and then automatically turns off

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Yes, there are now completely wireless reverse cameras on the market. For example, we have this Srixtek ST10, these innovative devices offer a convenient and hassle-free solution for vehicle owners who want to improve safety and visibility while backing up. Unlike traditional back-up cameras that require complicated wiring to install, fully wireless back-up cameras use advanced wireless technology to transmit a live video feed from the rear of the vehicle to a display device inside the vehicle, making installation a breeze. With a wireless reversing camera, drivers can enjoy a clear, wide-angle view of the rear of the vehicle, ensuring accurate maneuvering and preventing accidents, all without the hassle of wiring.

Translated with DeepL

To connect a wireless backup camera to a head unit, follow these steps. First, ensure that both the camera and the head unit are compatible and have the necessary wireless connectivity capabilities. Next, install the backup camera in a suitable position at the rear of the vehicle, preferably near the license plate. Then, power on both the camera and the head unit, making sure they are within range of each other. 

On the head unit, navigate to the settings menu and locate the option to connect a wireless camera. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a connection between the camera and the head unit. Once the connection is established, the live feed from the camera should appear on the head unit’s display, allowing for seamless integration and an enhanced backup experience.

Wireless backup cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and flexibility. However, the question remains: are wireless backup cameras reliable? While they offer the advantage of easier installation and removal compared to their wired counterparts, there are certain limitations to consider. Factors such as signal interference, limited range, and potential latency issues can pose reliability concerns for wireless backup cameras. Additionally, weather conditions and obstacles such as walls or other vehicles may affect the quality of the signal. 

Therefore, it is crucial to carefully research and choose a high-quality wireless backup camera system that meets your specific needs and provides a reliable and clear image to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your vehicle’s backup assistance.

A wireless backup camera for iPhone is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to enhance their vehicle’s safety and convenience. This innovative device enables iPhone users to effortlessly install a camera on the rear of their vehicle, providing them with a clear and wide-angle view while reversing. By seamlessly connecting to the iPhone via a wireless connection, users can view the camera feed on their device’s screen, eliminating the need for a separate monitor. This advanced feature ensures a hassle-free installation process and offers a user-friendly experience. With its ability to improve rear visibility and reduce the risk of accidents, a wireless backup camera for iPhone is an essential accessory for any modern-day driver.

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